Those who love traveling with a dash of adventure thrown in know exactly how a backpacking trip pans out. Backpacking is as we all know, is a trip that you take upon, with just a bag strapped to your back containing absolute essentials. Backpacking trips are fun but then they are far mare arduous than the more refined and properly scheduled ones. Not every one may enjoy a backpacking trip. Are you the one cut out for it? Don’t know? Read on the following pointers to know whether these are the stuff that you would like to experience in your trip. If the answer is a resounding yes, think about a destination, get your backpack, shove in the stuff and you are good to go.

  • Adventure is an understatement for a backpack trip: That a backpack trip is an adventurous one, is of course a no brainer. A backpacking trip may involve endless hours on buses and trains, waiting at the stations, asking for hitch, sharing rooms and what not. But then it makes you more affable. It teaches you how to warm up to people completely unknown to you and accomplish a journey that you take upon independently without anybody’s help. If you are not a very social person and want to shed your inhibitions, this kind of trip is just right for you. If you are social and an extrovert, then too you can try your hand at it.
  • Making of a more confident you: A backpacker faces more hurdles than an average tourist does. Your trip would be far from perfect and may involve changing of plans and schedules often. If you can keep that kind of patience, then you can get going.
  • You became fitter: A backpack trip is made on a shoe string budget. It goes without saying that you will be required to travel long distances on foot or on vehicles that may not be very comfortable, that too strapped with a bag. Such a journey definitely goes a long way in making you active and agile.
  • More interaction: A backpacker interacts far more with the local populace than an average tourist would. This definitely builds up some serious social skills.
  • Savor the street food: Since a backpacker’s trip is accomplished on a tight budget fancy restaurants are generally ruled out. Therefore, the backpacker enjoys the authentic local cuisines on the streets. With such a trip, you get to savor the local street food better.
  • Is more leisurely: An orchestrated and highly planned trip is not a backpacker’s calling. This kind of trip cannot be conformed to tight schedules since a certain amount of uncertainty hangs in there. It is more leisurely and you could be spending a great deal of time by traveling through roads or waiting at the stations. You can always indulge in reading the books that you have been wanting for some time now, or listen to the songs that you have not listened in a while.