For every college student, housewife, senior citizen or somebody who wants to have a business enterprise of his/her own, but does not have the funds to go about; not to worry. We encapsulate for you, some of the businesses that you can start either with low or no investment at all. You could be using the services of many such enterprises but may have not spared a thought of starting your own. Though low in investment, these enterprises have the capacity of offering you tremendous scope for growth, learning and income as well. That is not all; since such ideas are humongous in numbers, you can take your time to zero on the one that suits your talent and capabilities best.

  1. Food services

    You can start food delivery services right from your home. For those who are working or are live single and want to savor the taste of home cooked food, your catering services would be just apt

  2. Translation services

    Masts of the companies today work across the globe, and hence have to deal with multiple languages. If you are good at languages, you can start your own translation services, right away.

  3. Writings / blogs

    Freelance writing and bogging have become common place now. If you are good with words then this is for you.

  4. Customized festival gifts

    You can offer to make customized gifts for clients on festivals, weddings, official parties or any other celebration. People generally do not get the time to go shopping for gifts for their guests. Your services to offer customized and in-budget gifts could come in handy here.

  5. Party/ wedding planners

    Parties and wedding dos require intricate planning - right from the meals, decorations, gifts and dresses, everything needs to be planned. People now generally prefer hiring the services of wedding planners and party planners who make their tasks easier and help them enjoy the events.

  6. Interior designer

    Doing up a space aesthetically may not be everybody’s calling. You can work as an interior designer, offering your clients great aesthetics, best usage of space at budget prices.

  7. Party decorators

    Party decorators are different from party planners. Party decorators are only responsible for the decor at the party venue. If you have the knack of putting you great decorations for every kind of party - be it children’s, weddings or any theme based, this is your calling.

  8. Insurance

    You can work as an insurance agnate and cover the entire gamut, be it life insurance or general insurance.

  9. Other than these, few of the other business enterprises that you can think about would include the following:

  10. Recruitment/ manpower consultation
  11. Dietary consultation services
  12. Driving school
  13. Auto modification
  14. Sports coaching
  15. Music and dance classes
  16. Boutique
  17. Match making
  18. Real estate
  19. Career/relationship counseling
  20. Pest control
  21. Life Coach

These are of course some of the ideas. You can search on the internet or simply look around; you will definitely get the one that clicks you.