The logo of a company can go a long way in making or preventing an impact on the consumers. A logo that is well thought of, well designed and strikes immediate interest, helps consumers in registering, remembering and associating the brand.

Logo is not something that one puts by force on letterheads or banners. It becomes the identity of the company.

Here are few pointers that companies should keep in mind while designing the logo:

  • Unique: It goes without saying that your company logo should be unique. It should not be lifted or inspired, and as far as possible denotes some association with your business.
  • Type of logo: Your logo could consist of a font, symbol or a combination of both. Whichever way you go, it is important that your logo generates an immediate interest in the viewers.
  • Change the logo if the original not working: It is not uncommon to see companies changing their logos. Primarily, this is done when the original logo has been in use for long and does not generate the same interest as earlier. Redesigning the logo and advertising it generates a new interest for the business.
  • Ensure your logo is classy: Using a very common font or clipart image may not convey a strong message about the quality that the company offers.
  • Your logic should convey the message you want to: It is very important that the logo of your company is able to convey your business message. An irrelevant logo may actually hamper the endeavor.
  • Do not do what everybody else is doing: Study the logos of the companies who are in same fray as you carefully. If you observe a trend here, make sure that you do not follow it. You will get noticed only if you are different from the pack.
  • Ensure consistency in your logo: Wherever you print your logo or exhibit ensure that there is consistency in the shape, font and colors. If a differently shaped or colored logo will represent your business at different places, it will do more harm than good.
  • Ensure that you use your logo in as many places as possible: Be it letter head, signage, stationery items, corporate gifts or any other, ensure that you use your logo in as many places as possible. This will go a long way in establishing your brand identity.
  • Decide upon the number of colors that you will use before finalizing your logo: Using several colors will cost you more. If at all you still want go ahead with a multi colored palette, ensure that it does not pinch your pocket.

The process of creating an effective and impressive logo looks simple but it could be one of the most taxing jobs for a business entity. It is therefore so very important to make this process as well thought off as possible, so that it gives great revenues in the long run.