Innovation is the key in marketing and the same applies to digital marketing as well. There are a host of marketing techniques but which will make it to the leaderboards is a wait and watch game. Given below are some of the tactics that are sure to remain on top of the board.

Omnichannel is growing in popularity. In a multichannel marketing strategu there are various marketing touchpoints to make the buying journey easy for the consumer. For instance in multichannel social media attracts visitors while email can be used to nurture leads. In the same way omnichannel is universal. It is a combination of All thing. It is a marketing strategy creating touchpoints to work on all channels. It helps to create consistent touchpoints for consumer usage. Business uses social media, SEO, email as marketing means to achieve their goals. Social media still ranks among the top. Some of the potential channels include:

  • Podcast
  • SMS
  • Live Cat
  • Smartphone apps
  • Live broadcasts
  • Ephemeral videos on facebook and instagram
  • Press releases
  • Offline events
  • Direct mail
  • Offline ads
  • Chat bots

Artificial Intelligence: It is one of the fastest growing technology and will become as common as a smartphone in the near future. It helps to gather facts through sensors or inputs given by humans. It is used to solve the issues. Specifically AI is a computer system used to perform task requiring human intelligence. It comes with exhaustive marketing potential. It is deployed in content marketing, advertising and customer services. AI is used to identify trends, conduct competitor research and drum up data.

Chatbots are creating sensation in the web world. It is found everywhere from mobile apps, websites and social media newsfeeds. It serves as a multiple purpose and is used to answer question of the user. Chatbots are engaged as virtual assistants in enterprise companies. The latest chatbots are emerging over a period of time and it includes:

  • Shopping assistance
  • Lead qualification
  • Talent recruiting
  • Self service
  • Website browsing guidance
  • Accessibility
  • Knowledge research
    • Programmatic advertising uses Artificial Intelligence to place advertisements on targeting algorithms. It is familiar as it is widely used and by 2020 more than 86% of digital display ads are purchased through the automated channels. The programmatic advertising goes beyond the cyberspace and it used to transact with all kinds of media. Unlike traditional advertisement, programmatic advertising can occur in real time and gives power to the advertiser. Small businesses can also try programmatic advertising as it is affordable and yields maximum ROI.

      Personalized marketing was high effective in 2017 with over 90% of the US population voting for it. Forbes says 44% of the consumers prefer buying from the same company after a personalized shopping experience. It comes with benefits like.

      • Superior customer experience
      • More revenue
      • Increased brand loyalty
      • Brand consistency
      • Cross channel selling opportunities