Who doesn’t love plants in their surroundings? Each one of us has that little gardener waiting to be chiseled. But more often than not due to time and space constraints, we are not able to give wings to our ideas and thoughts, but not anymore. There is no bargaining the fact that gardening does require considerable amount of space, but there are now solutions available for those who are constrained on this factor. Plant grow bags offer an excellent option to grow plants in small spaces. Yes! Plants can be grown in bags. Not only can the plants be grown in bags but to the extent that they are able to bear fruits and flowers alike their potted counterparts.

Plant grow bags are nothing short of dream come true for the avid gardeners who want to create a garden but are restrained either by lack of space or cost constraints. Plant bags not only help in creating a garden out of small spaces but they also come to be much cheaper than the pots. In addition, you are not required to dig in the soils, till or plough it! All you are required to do is to get hold of these bags, your choice of plants, a good soil mix and you are on a roll. In fact, the soil requirements of these bags make little demands on soil and therefore with a one time effort of creating a soil mix, you can actually sow several plants at one go. Lettuces, spinach, and chards are the best plants to start with in case you are just starting with kitchen gardening in plant grow bags. Tomatoes, beans, cauliflowers, broccoli, cabbages, peppers would come next. In due course of time, you would come to know which of the plants work best with such bags.

Beyond the bags and the choice of plants, next comes the soil to be used in these bags. Coco peat, the soil made from coconut fibers, offers an awesome answer here. Coco peat is fast becoming the most favored type of soil for growing plants in pots and bags. The increased demand for coco peat is testimony to the multifarious advantages that this type of soil offers. This is the ideal kind of soil that can incorporate every kind of nutrient that the gardener wants. Coco peat makes lesser demands on water and fertilizers and makes for healthier plants than those of the conventional soil. That apart, it does away with the requirements of soil testing too and is a much cleaner option. The advantages do not end here. Coco peat is environmentally safe, can be used for any kind of plant, is organic and makes use of coconut fibers that would otherwise be deemed useless. The amount of water and the use of chemicals that coco peat helps in saving makes it the numero uno choice of the cultivators and gardeners, the world over.

Happy gardening days are here to stay!