The Internet is vast and there is no end to what you could do with it. Using it in the best way could improve your business giving you a global reach. In the world of internet, digital marketing has a crucial role to play. It helps to market your business in the fastest possible way using digital strategies and techniques. People spend most of the time online and the trend is increasing with the advent of smartphones. As the digital marketing trend increases so does the importance of SEO. Without SEO digital marketing does not stand a chance.

SEO is a trends change with Google algorithms and you have to tow in line with the trends to improve your online visibility. Some of the growing trends in the digital marketing arena include:

  • Add a mobile version of your website. It is called Mobile first indexing. The mobile consumers have increased by 18% and they spend 3.3hrs/day on mobile. The usage is higher when compared to desktops and laptops. When you search a query on mobile, Google lists mobile friendly websites. If your business does not have a mobile version of your website, you are lost in the race. The mobile first indexing drags pages with smartphone agent. Incase you do not have a website version, Google considers only the desktop rankings. The website version has the rankin info in the hyperlinks and hence it is advised to have an exclusive mobile version.
  • User intent helps to identify the use character. Intent can be described as the reason why the user is conducting a search. The content is classified and showcased based on the user intent. It is sure to bring potential clients to your website. When the content is provided for a query it goes to prove that the user is in need of the content. Therefore, user intent aids in diverting traffic to your website. User intent can be optimized using long tail keywords, latent semantic indexing, optimized meta description and tiles.
  • Voice search makes searching easy. Alexa, Siri and Google have introduced voice search where you can search for anything with a voice command. It is the most convenient way to get accurate results for your search. It enhances mobile experience and for this mobile indexing is necessary. Investing in voice search SEO can yield good results. It helps to find business near you. All you need to do is to add your business details to Google My Business and the users reach your doorstep. Voice search comes handy when it involves long tail keywords.
  • Keyword research is a time tested method in digital marketing. It helps to perform the task regularly and helps to reach your content to scores of people out there. For this it is important to understand the reach of your content. Keyword tools such as SEMrush, Google Keyword planner are some of the tools that can come handy to pick the ideal keyword for your content.
  • Link building can bring potential customers to your website. It is the process of getting hyperlinks from other websites.

Follow these simple tips to get enhance your online presence.