Your carpet is your prized possession, and a pretty expensive one at that. It is also the one that invites maximum dirt and calls for regular cleaning. Carpet cleaning can be a headache in case you take it as a once in a while exercise. Just in case you happen to do it regularly, this can become not only an effortless affair, but will also help you make your carpet last much longer than what you would have anticipated.

Before we delve into the factors as to how to clean a carpet, we should also know as to why it is so important to clean the carpets. Carpet cleaning should be on your to do list regularly because it attracts dirt, and loads and loads of it. Imagine sitting on a mine of dust and allergens and the harm that it would do to you. Second most important reason of cleaning the carpet is the fact that carpets is an expensive item. One does not buy carpets often and any dirty patch on the carpet will make the interiors of your house look horrendous, vis-à-vis the rest of the decor. Owing to these two reasons, it is imperative that you take upon the task of cleaning the carpets regularly. Here are few pointers that will help you maintain your carpet looking new for long.

  • Make carpet cleaning a frequent and a regular affair: It will not make sense if you take upon the task once in several months. Make sure you vacuum your carpets once in every few days.
  • Do not let stain sit long: Just in case something has spilled over to your carpet, make sure you clean it as much as possible and as soon as possible. Scoop out food or any matter that is sitting there. If it is a stain or patch that will go away with a little water, dab some water and use the highest suction possible on the patch, as long as required.
  • Though there are several solutions available in the market, it is better if you use simply baking soda for the removing smell. All you are required to do is to sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet before you vacuum, and you will not find that awful misty smell anywhere in the room.
  • Use rugs wherever possible: You need not use carpet for the entire length and breadth of your interior. Whenever possible, use rugs so that they are easy on your budget and can be maintained far way easily than carpets.
  • Uses doormats and do not use shoes on the carpets: Make ample use of doormats. These will help in weaning off the dirt from the shoes of anybody entering the house and will not spoil your carpet. Try as far as possible not to step on the carpet with shoes on. This will help in mitigating every possible threat of having mud or dirt on your carpet from stepping on.
  • Keep spoilers at arms length: As far as possible, do not keep stuff that may spill over on the carpet, like drinks on the table kept on the carpet.