Organic pest control has been gaining ground off late and how! Pests and the ways to control them have always been one factor that house owners have been battling with. These pesky little things not only add on to the misery to those living in the house but also can be potential health hazards. But unfortunately, the mechanisms of eliminating them have not been devoid of controversies. It is but obvious that the traditional pest control methods involve harsh chemicals, since it will not be possible to obliterate them without these. But in the process of eliminating them, we invite substances in our environs that can potentially lead to Alzheimer disease, neurological disorders, birth defects and more miseries. So what is the way out? Do we have to live with the pests or invite these ailments in the process?

Organic pests control seemingly tries to strike a balance between the two. These methods and the substances used not only eliminate pests but they are potentially not hurtful to human existence. But everything is not as easy as it seems. So let us see what are the pros and cons associated with organic pest control.

  • Environment friendly: This is first and foremost reason for organic pest control for it t have gain ground. Since natural substances are used, they are potentially less harmful for the environment and the human existence as well.
  • Can be used in the most sensitive of places: Organic pest control can be effectively used anywhere, be it household, schools or even hospitals. These are safe and therefore most recommended to be used in places like hospitals wherein people are more susceptible of being effected.
  • It will be difficult for the pests to develop resistance: Over a period of time, pest develop resistance to pesticides. But with organic pest control techniques, this is unlikely to happen.
  • Uses variety of methods: Organic pest control uses a variety of methods to control or eliminate the pests. These methods include maintaining soil health, companion planting or spraying natural concoctions like garlic oil. Such a diverse combination of methods not only mitigates the necessity of heavy spraying but also does away with the threat of you living in an ambience surrounded by plants, heavily laden with pesticides.

In spite of these advantages, organic pest control does come with its share of disadvantages.

  • You have got have 'patience': Organic pest control are not like your traditional pest control methods. Since it uses organic materials, they are pretty low on strength and hence take much longer to show results that its counterpart. Do not doubt its effectiveness; it is just that you will have keep lots of patience.
  • Not every organic pests control substance is threat free: Yes! Some of them can be toxic and equally harmful like harsh chemicals. Therefore, before you start using these, get sufficient information about the new substances.
  • It is more expensive than the traditional pesticides and hence for those looking at budget pest control mechanisms, this may not ring a bell.