Organizing Kitchen – Its Easier than You Think

Your kitchen is a place that can get organized, cluttered and reorganized pretty frequently. This is a place that needs constant organization and is also a space that has to be kept squeaky clean. But are we actually able to maintain out kitchen prim and properly? Though you may like to rustle up your dishes in the kitchen but cleaning and organizing part may not hold that kind of appeal to you. Kitchen organization is a constant process that you should undertake every few fays.

Here are a few tips that will help you organize your kitchen

  • Start with your refrigerator first: Take out all the stuff from the refrigerator. Clean it up and stock back only the stuff that you will be using in next few days. Vegetables that are about to be spoilt or cooked meals that have been sitting on it for quite some time should make it to the trash bin immediately. Check for the best before dates on the frozen stuffs and do the needful.
  • Next comes the pantry: Your food items should always be within their best before dates. Periodically take upon the exercise of cleaning up your pantry and throw away the items that are past their best before dates. There would also be items that are though still good to use, but still have not been used since you have simply forgotten. Keep them in the some easily visible area so that you know that you are to use them as soon as possible.
  • Organize your kitchen the way it is going to be most useful for you: Organize the pantry with the frequently used items in the front and easily reachable and less used ones at the back. Divide the utensils that are frequently and rarely used. The same rule as pantry for storing applies to these as well.
  • Cutleries should make it to the drawers and so the cutting tools. Think for the places for ovens and dishwasher carefully and keep them there. Your cooking station should relatively clutter free. Make place for all the cleaning supplies. All your storing tools should also be kept in one place along with their lids so that you do not have to hunt to boxes to keep your leftover food.
  • Get few storage bins: This will help you in storing the opened packets, or small items that may get lost in between the bigger jars.
  • Label the containers: Label all your containers so you know exactly what each of them contains.
    In case you are struggling for space to store your tools, you can put up a corkboard on the cupboard doors. They will not only help you with extra space for the tools but will also help you to put on your recipes here.
  • Lazy Sussans can be used to help with effective space utilization for items like oils, condiments or beverages.
  • If you are having trouble in utilizing space in the drawers, use customized drawer dividers.
  • Decluttering and organizing your kitchen is not a tedious process if you make it a regular habit.