So you are up for your vacations. You have planned everything right to the greatest of details – your hotel bookings, your tickets, what to see checklists et al. You are gung ho and get to pack for year dream holidays. Here comes the trouble. You keep on stuffing in your suitcases, increase the number of luggage and yet are still not done. You keep on remembering and wadding things until the very last minute. So by the time you get in to go to the airport, you realize that you have far more number and heavy luggage than you had thought. You not only have a tough time carrying all this stuff all through your travel, but keep on paying extra for these as well.

So how should we travel light? How is it possible that we carry everything that we may require in a trip yet not fall short of any of the items anywhere?

Here are a few tips that will help you in packing right for your trip:

  • Pay heed to the documents first: Clothes and toiletries can wait, ensure that you pack all your required documents first.

    • Your passport and visa
    • Your credit and debit cards
    • Personal ID
    • Health insurance documents
    • Your tickets
    • Airy hotel booking information
    • Any other that you deem important
  • Next comes the gadgets: Pack only those that you will for sure require on the trips like your phone and charger, camera, head phone and memory cards.
  • Medicine: In case you are on some medication, “do not” forget to carry these. Also carry medicines for general medical conditions. Also carry hand sanitizers and wet wipes.
  • Chooses your bag carefully: Do not pack your items in a bag too small and end up packing several bags. Take one bag with several compartments so that you can pack your items in this one luggage only. In case you do not have any backpack of this type, buy one, but do not increase your number of luggage.
  • Pack lightweight and normal wear clothes: Do not pack way too many clothes. Pack the ones that are easy and lightweight to carry. This is where you can play around with the number of items you are packing in.
  • Same holds true for toiletries as well: Pack in only as many basic toiletries as you would be requiring on the trip.
  • Organize neatly: do not simply shove your items the luggage. Organize, fold and pack them neatly. If there are several compartments in your backpack, do remember the articles that you are putting in each of the pocket. In case you are prone to forgetting, you can write in tiny letters with marker on the pockets.
  • Do not pack till brim: You are going to get mementos and memorabilia from your trip. Make sure that you do not need buying separate bags for packing these on your return trip. You should have a little space for these in your bag when you are about to start on your trip.