They say you should not invest in your wedding, but you should rather invest in your marriage. Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life. However, you don’t need to break your bank just to make it memorable. You can be practical and at the same time fulfill the wedding of your dreams.

Below are 10 ways to save money on your wedding budget:

1. Write down a detailed budget.

You need to sit down together with your fiancée and talk about the budget of your wedding. You need to determine how much you can spend on your wedding. You should also identify the possible contributors and what they will pay for. You may use a spreadsheet to keep track of the expenses. It is also recommended to directly ask the person or company for the price quotations.
For the food and drinks, you must determine how many guests you will be inviting. If you will use a catering package, this lets you know how much you’ll spend per person.
If you have exceeded more than your budgeted amount, it is vital to have a buffer. There may be unknown expenses along the way.

2. Choose an off-season date.

You may opt to set your wedding on a less popular month like January and February. This will help you find more discounts. Avoid choosing the month of June or December as many couples choose these months for their wedding.
As much as possible avoid Saturday although this is a popular day for weddings. You may have a discount with the wedding venue when it is not held on Saturday.

3. Watch for deals on social media.

Use social media in searching for promotions. You may be able to find sample sales and trunk shows that will offer discounts. This will let you know when you can shop during the designer trunk, especially when it comes to your wedding gown. You may also find salons that offer complimentary customization like the adjustment of the veil or changes with the length of the gown.

4. DIY wedding videos.

One of the most expensive parts of a wedding is the photography and videography. There are some applications or websites that let you edit your photos and videos. If you know someone who is just starting with a videography business, you can help them improve their portfolio. Some videographers offer free shoots just to enhance their portfolio. You may use those offers. You may also check out Wedding Video Maker for high-quality video editing services that don’t cost too much.

5. Buy flowers in bulk.

Search for florists who offer discounts when you buy three to five types of flowers in bulk. You can use these flowers for church or venue decorations. You may decorate the tables with flower centerpieces.

6. Be practical in using your ceremony florals and bouquet.

You can repurpose your wedding flowers. The flowers used in the ceremony venue can be used as a decoration to your reception venue like in the aisle. For your bouquet, you may opt for a minimalist design so that you will only need fewer flowers.

7. Save on your printing cost

Instead of printing one program per guest, print one program per couple. They can share the program during the ceremony. If you want the look of letterpress for your wedding invitation, you can make it your main invitation. You just have to choose less-expensive flat printing for insert cards. If you prefer a thick paper stock, you can use two-ply for your invitations while using the rest of the insert cards one-ply only. Another way for you to save on your printing cost is to skip the envelope liner. For the RSVP card, you may choose to use the postcard. This will no longer require you to use an envelope and a stamp. Thus, you will save on both printing and postage.

8. Keep your decorations simple.

You should avoid over-decorating your wedding venue. If you will be celebrating the wedding outdoor, you may use the natural beauty of the place.

If you’re inside, you can do some tricks to make the venue look stunning without spending more. Instead of putting fresh flowers as centerpieces, you may use scented candles. The candles will fill the room with romance while cutting the flower cost.

9. Do some tricks with your wedding cake.

You can downsize your cake. You can choose a smaller cake just add a statement that would look like a dessert bar. You can also save on your wedding cake by telling the baker to only decorate the edges of the cake.

If you are creative and a good baker, you may make your cake and design it. You may design it with fresh flowers, a customized topper, or colorful fruit. Another design that you can choose is the naked cake. They look great for an outdoor wedding.

10. Save on your wedding favors.

You can combine both food and favors. You may offer the guests some milk and cookies, cupcakes, or pop-corn before they leave the venue.