Stress affects both men and women but women being more emotional of the two, may suffer more. Stress is the harbinger of several mental and physical ailments. Though we may not realize this, ailments caused due to stress may manifest in more ways than one. We cannot escape stress in our lives, but it is important to find ways to deal with it properly. Stress should not be so overpowering that it throws your mental and physical health out of gear.

Enlisted below are the few of ailments that women in stress may suffer from:
Insomnia: Sleep is extremely important for our health. Serious problems may keep playing in mind, resulting in insomnia. Long periods of insomnia may further result in other ailments.

  • Depression: Lengthy periods of stress may result in depression and other mental conditions that may eventually require extensive treatment.
  • Heart condition: Every kind of stress plays havoc with heart health. To keep your heart healthy, make sure you battle stress, the right way.
  • Acne break outs: Stress brings upon hormonal changes that may result in stress pimples.
  • Irregular periods: Stress can play havoc with your periods too, resulting in irregular and painful periods.
  • Weight gain: Stress may result in harmful and endless binging, resulting in weight gain. Stress also decreases the metabolic rate further aiding in weight gain.
  • Poor digestion: Long periods of stress may result in increased stomach acids, disrupting the digestion process.
  • Hair loss: Stress results in hair loss and we all must have experienced at some or the other point of time. Stress shortens the life cycle of hair, putting it straightway to the falling out stage.

Other than all these factors, prolonged periods of stress may also result in diabetes, behavioral issues, high/low blood pressure problems and several other health issues.